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True Ceramic Coating

True Ceramic Coating ‑

Utilizing the latest in nano-SiO2 technology, True Ceramic Coating is available in a small, easy and affordable size, that’ll get your car protected and self cleaning for up to 16 months.

True Ceramic Coating

ceramic coating

Ultimate Protection

True Ceramic Coating - Maximum Protection

We've created the best in nano-technology, our scratch-resistant ceramic coating with a hardness of 9H forms a strong glass-like protective layer above your paint.

Do It Yourself

We've been in the chemical and electronic business for 30 years. I am always looking for new developments in technology to protect your investment. 

I've been working with our chemical engineers this last year to see how we can make an easy to apply Ceramic Coating that's been so popular with the Detailers.

We've come up with the solution.

You no longer need a Detail Professional to get a True Ceramic Coating. Easy to apply even on a hot surface! 

Our vision at True Ceramic Coating is to use advanced, cutting edge technology to coat all painted and metal surfaces of your vehicle with a protective layer of True Ceramic Coating resulting in a high gloss hard coating that will last at least one year to protect the surface from UV, dirt and acids. Increasing the life of the painted surfaces and keeping it looking better than new.  

Always feel free to reach out to me anytime. 

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