True Ceramic Coating - Marine - Superyacht Kit

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Super Hydrophobic SiO2 Ceramic/Glass Coating.

Super Long Lasting Liquid Glass Coating That Repels Salt Water and Corrosion 

H9 hardness Silicone Dioxide 

Money-Back Guarantee

True Ceramic Coating is perfectly suited for marine applications: 

Sold in 4 oz (188 ml) bottles, comes with an applicator and easy to apply atomizer sprayer. Larger quantities are available for special applications. 

  • H9 SiO2 Hardness
  • True Ceramic Coating Prevents Oxidation and Corrosion
  • Coats and protects all brightwork
  • Easy Spray-On Wipe-Off Application
  • Lasts Up To One Year In Salt Water Applications
  • Long-Lasting UV Protection
  • Salt Protection On All Painted and Metal Surfaces
  • Reduces Mechanical Scrubbing, Salt and Acids Wash Off Easily
  • High Gloss On Glossy Surfaces and Protects Non-Slip Textured Surfaces.
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