What Is True Ceramic Coating?

True Ceramic Coating is a fast spray on

Do It Yourself True Ceramic Coating Made of SiO2.

True Ceramic Coating with SiO2 Powder

What is Silica / Sio2 / True Ceramic Spray?

Tiny nano size glass-like particles of Silicon Dioxide suspended in a solvent and resins. This gives your car a truly durable seal and a glass-like finish.

True Ceramic Coating™ is a quick way to get a ceramic coating. Applying a traditional ceramic coating takes hours of careful application (sometimes by a professional).

Why True Ceramic Coating™ Beats Other Surface Sealants: 

ceramic coating for Marine and Automotive

Doesn't Wash Away: Ceramic-based SiO2 Creates a Glass-Like Layer Over Your Car's Surface that will last for 12-14 months. 

Saves Time: Applying a Traditional Ceramic Coating Takes Hours of Careful, Meticulous Application (And Is Recommended By a Professional). Our Spray-On Formula Takes Minutes and is fool proof. 

Glass-Like Shine: Designed to Draw Out Vehicle's Clear Coat

Super Hydrophobic: 9H Hardness that Repels Water

Up To 12 to 14 Months Of Protection: Once the SiO2 Dries, It's Not Prone To Being Degraded By The Elements. 

Try it today with a full money back guarantee.