What Is True Ceramic Coating?

True Ceramic Coating is a fast spray on

Do It Yourself True Ceramic Coating Made of SiO2.

What is Silica / Sio2 / True Ceramic Spray?

Tiny nano size glass-like particles of Silicon Dioxide suspended in a solvent and resins. This gives your car or marine vessel a truly durable seal and a glass-like finish.

Providing extreme hardness and resilience for the most demanding conditions. True Ceramic Coating is our most effective coating for protecting against friction, heat, and solvents. Incorporating the industry’s most durable ceramic technology, it offers years of protection against salt water, with no yellowing, cracking, peeling, or delaminating.

The marine environment is unforgiving. The high corrosiveness of salt, UV rays, acids, alkalies, exhaust and algae/shell contaminants can cause structural and cosmetic damage that will decrease your vessels life in the long run and ruin its appearance in the short term. 

Through its hydrophobic properties you’re assured cleaning can be done easily without out the use of abrasive chemicals and detergents. Save time and preserve your vessel with True Ceramic Coating.

True Ceramic Coating™ is a quick way to get a ceramic coating. Applying a traditional ceramic coating takes hours of careful application (sometimes by a professional).

True Ceramic Coating is NOT a Hybrid coating. You will see lots of others talking about a hybrid version of a ceramic coating. All they've done is reduce the life of the coating by adding thinners or waxes to lower the cost. Don't fall for that, use True Ceramic Coating that will last over 12-14 months. 

Why True Ceramic Coating™ Beats Other Surface Sealants: 


Doesn't Wash Away: Ceramic-based SiO2 Creates a Glass-Like Layer Over Your Boats Surface that will last for 12-14 months. 

Saves Time: Applying a Traditional Ceramic Coating Takes Hours of Careful, Meticulous Application (And Is Recommended By a Professional). Our Spray-On Formula Takes Minutes and is fool proof. 

Glass-Like Shine: Designed to Draw Out Yachts Deep True Colors

Super Hydrophobic: 9H Hardness that Repels Salt Water

Up To 12 to 14 Months Of Protection: Once the SiO2 Dries, It's Not Prone To Being Degraded By The Elements. 

Try it today with a full money back guarantee.